How to Filter Contacts by Language

To filter contacts who will receive any email communication, you do so in Segments. If you want to know the basics of creating a segment, learn more here.

From the main navigation bar, select Audience & Contacts then Segmentation.

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Step 1: On the right-hand side of your screen, click the create a new segmentation button in pink.

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Step 2: Add Filters. Click the blue button + New Filter. 

If you would like to segment for language, use

Contact Info   |   Language   |   Select from drop-down (English)

Most clients have main communication languages, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian etc. Additionally we do not want to omit communicating with any contact who a) does not have language data or b) who has a language that we don’t translate into.

+ Contact Info   |   Language Exists  |   False

+ Contact Info   |   Exclude Language   |   Select from drop-down each language you use (German)

+ Contact Info   |   Exclude Language   |   (French)

+ Contact Info   |   Exclude Language   |   (Spanish)

In the above example, this segment will include, anyone who has English listed + anyone who has no language data listed + no one with German, French, or Spanish.

This is a good English + Rest of Language Segment to send campaigns in English.
To finish, click Save Segmentation in the upper right-hand corner.

Screenshot 2020-08-13 at 15.27.40

If you have any particular segments you want to create or want to better understand how to customize particular segments of your audience, reach out to

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