Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Email Marketing Deliverability & Conversion Rates are most affected by;

  • Segmentation (Send relevant specific information to targeted groups)
  • Responsiveness (How your email looks on mobile vs desktop)
  • Email Subject Line (Read more here How to avoid being labeled as SPAM)
  • Quality of Database (Validate & Verify your email list!)

Good Deliverability Numbers:

Delivered to:  more than 90%

Soft bounce: entre 0-5%

Hard bounce: less than 1%

Good Conversion Numbers:

Opened: 10-20%

Clicked: 1-3%

The conversion and total purchases made by campaign depend on type of campaign, newsletters vs Black Friday Sales etc.

At PUSHTech our technical team is always keeping an eye on campaigns, if ever there is more than 1% hard bounce or for example a campaign only has 80% delivered our team will review to figure out the technical issue.

If you have any particular questions or want to improve customer engagement feel free to reach out and speak to a member of our customer success team:




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