What is a delivery receipt (DLR)?

1. What is a delivery receipt/report?

A delivery receipt, sometimes abbreviated as DLR, is a piece of information that is sent by mobile network back to the original sender of a message. This packet of information contains the delivery status of the message – if it was delivered successfully, or if the delivery has failed. This makes delivery receipts invaluable in determining the status of your messages, as delivery receipts allow you to check whether your SMS has been received at the destination handset.

1.1 – What are the most commojn delivery receipt statuses?

Status Description
Delivered The message has been received at the destination handset, and carriers have provided
Sent The message has been delivered to the carriers by PUSH Technologies, and PUSH Technologies is awaiting confirmation of message delivery from the relevant operator
Undelivered After attempting for a period of time, the carrier has failed to deliver the message to the destination handset. Possibly caused by an invalid Sender ID. Please confirm the number is correct, the handset is on and within reception range, and try again at a later time or with a different Sender ID.
Invalid Number The destination number is invalid and cannot be recognised by our system for delivery.
Common causes: the number is not in international format, is incorrectly entered or is too short/long
Rejected The message was successfully submitted to the carrier for delivery, but has actively been refused. This is very often related to issues with an invalid Sender ID on the destination network.
Expired In the case of a mobile device not being reached, delivery will be reattempted over a period of time. After the maximum retry period has been reached for network the message is being delivered to, the status will be marked as expired and delivery will no longer be reattempted.
No Credits Your account is out of credits. Please purchase more credits and send again, or resend these messages from your Outgoing message report.
1.2 – How do DLR works?

SMS are submitted to a network elements called short message service centers (SMSC), which are responsible for final delivery to destination handsets. When messages are submitted by PUSH Technologies for delivery, they are submitted with a request for a delivery receipt for that message (where available).

Once a message has been submitted to the SMSC, delivery is attempted. If the delivery is successful, the message will be received and the SMSC will send back a delivery receipt to PUSH Technologies, confirming delivery was successful. Where message delivery is not immediately successful, the SMSC will temporarily store the message and reattempt delivery for a maximum period of time. In the case of permanent failure, a delivery receipt will be sent back to PUSH Technologies stating the message was not able to be delivered.

The availability of delivery receipts depends on whether they are supported by the destination network. PUSH Technologies relies on this delivery information being sent by  As a result, PUSH Technologies cannot guarantee that delivery receipts will be available for all destinations.

How can I view delivery receipts?

Delivery receipts are used to update message statuses within your Outgoing Report. To view this report, log in to your account and click on Reports and then Outgoing from the left-hand menu. As soon as a delivery receipt is available for a message, it will be displayed in this report.

Is it possible to integrate delivery receipts into my own application?

PUSH Technologies can pass on delivery receipt information to you on your service in multiple ways.

By email to your primary account email address

This will generate an email with the final status of every message sent through your account. This option can potentially generate a lot of emails.

To enable this option, under your account Settings, scroll down to the section labelled Delivery Receipts and check the box next to Email to your account email address. Click Update Settings at the bottom of the page to save changes.


PUSH Technologies can post back delivery receipt information to a URL hosted on your own server. For example, this URL might be a script that captures the delivery information and stores it in your database. Refer to the API documentation on delivery receipts for more information on the format of this HTTP POST.

To enable this option, under your account Settings, scroll down to the section labelled Delivery Receipts and enter your URL in the box labelled To URL. Click Update Settings at the bottom of the page to save changes.


If you are currently sending messages via SMPP, it is possible to receive delivery receipts over your SMPP bind.

To enable this option, under your account Settings, scroll down to the section labelled SMPP and check the box next to Send delivery reports via SMPP.Click Update Settings at the bottom of the page to save changes.