Email validation and verification

Validation of your emails will greatly increase your domain’s reputation, reduce spam and increase your conversions. Avoiding thus being blacklisted by anti-spam filters.

PUShTech service, performs an automated verification with the electronic mail servers to check if the mail is correct or not. Incorrect or non-existent emails are categorized as «Not Existing or Incorrect» and will be automatically removed from the sending database. These «Inexistent or Incorrect» emails can be downloaded in a list for manual correction.

The validation processes include the following steps:

1. Check the syntax of the e-mail address.

PUSHTech validates the e-mail address according to IETF standards such as RFC 6531, RFC 5321, RFC 1035, RFC 2822, RFC 5322 RFC 2821 and RFC 1123. PUSHTech validation supports all domain extensions, quotation marks, text strings, comments, internationalized domain names (IDNs) and mailboxes.

2. Review of domain registrations/MX.

PUSHTech checks and validates the DNS entries of each e-mail address in the verification process. Indicates the result correctly when the domain is not valid or if MX entries are missing.

3. Detection of the direction of function (hello, noreply, others)

PUSHTech detects role-based addresses. Role addresses are not associated with one person, but represent a group, department or function. There are some addresses associated with high rebound rates and spam complaints that we detect and report on the result appropriately. Sending e-mails to these addresses may adversely affect delivery.

4. Disposable electronic mail (DEA) address detection.

PUSHTech detects temporarily created email addresses. There are certain services that provide a temporary email address known as «Disposable Email Address. Our system detects and marks these emails properly.

5. Detection of free e-mail services.

PUSHTech checks the e-mail service provider during the test. The e-mail address is therefore marked accordingly if you use a free e-mail service known as Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, etc. This helps separate work and personal emails from subscribers. Often, subscribers who use work emails instead of free email services have higher rates and commitments.

6. Marking of unchecked domains.

PUSHTech performs all testing for email addresses and detects and tags the domain that accepts any unverified email.

7. Verification of the existence of mail diver.

PUSHTech performs SMTP verification at each email address. Each e-mail address will be checked for the existence of the e-mail diver without sending any real e-mails to that address.

Note: Validate your database from the configuration section of your account.


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