Newsletters subscribers integration and Webforms.

Receiving your newsletter subscriber directly to your PUSHtech account is very easy. Please find below two options for this integration.

Option 1. Using our SDKs here.
Download and install our SDK into your website or mobile application and configure those to send to your PUSHTech account all necessary information about your newsletter subscribers.
In order to avoid duplicated contacts we recommend using the parameter User ID which will be the email of the subscriber.
Option 2. Using our API here.
Please find our API references here and use the parameters under Contact/Create. We recommend including the User ID using the same parameter as the subscriber email to avoid duplicity of users and contacts in your PUSHTech account.

More data you can send the better, We recommend as minimum data the following: First Name, Last Name, Email, User ID, Newsletter subscribe true or false.

If you need more help, please contact


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