Importing your first contacts

Before creating a campaign on PUSHTech™, you will need to import your contacts. The first step to start importing data, is to login to your account.

1 – Contacts

To start importing your contacts please go to your account. You will see the main navigation with the different categories. You will find the Import contacts option in the Audience & Contacts category


2 – Start importing contacts

First of all, go to Import contacts section. You have diffrente options to upload your contacts: Upload CSV file with contacts, Add a new contact manually, Copy paste from Excel and more.

2.1 – Upload CSV file with contacts.

CSV (“Comma Separated Value”) files store tabular data (numbers and text) in plain-text form. Start by selecting a CSV (.csv) file from your computer and then click the Import button.

Importing contacts by CSV file.

Importing contacts with a CSV file.

 2.2 – Add new contacts

You can simply add a contact’s details manually. Enter their first and last name and select the country code for their mobile phone number from the drop down menu. Make sure you enter the mobile number without any spaces.

Creating a new contact.

Creating a new contact manually.

2.3 – Copy paste from excel

If you have your contact details stored in an Excel file no problem, just select and copy the desired information as columns and rows and paste the data in the text box. Once you have clicked ‘import paste‘, PUSH will organize the data for you.


Copy paste from excel.

Copy paste from excel.