Importing contacts using CSV

Before creating a campaign on PUSHTech™, you will need to import your contacts. The first step to start importing data, is to login to your free trial account.

1 – Data

To start importing your contacts please go to your manager account. You will see the main navigation with the different categories. You will find the Import contacts option in the Data category.

The navigation manager.

The navigation manager.


2 – Start importing contacts using CSV


Data menu overview.

Go to Import contacts section and select: Upload CSV file with contacts

The three ways to import contacts.

The three ways to import contacts.


2.1 – Upload CSV file with contacts.

CSV («Comma Separated Value») files store tabular data (numbers and text) in plain-text form. Start by selecting a CSV (.csv) file from your computer and then click the Import button.

Importing contacts by CSV file.

Importing contacts with a CSV file.

Once you have done the import, you’ll have all contacts available at any time!