Email Marketing & Customer Communication : Co-VID 19


Standing out, increasing engagement, improving brand loyalty, and earning customer appreciation during a global pandemic with decreased resources and fewer teammates may feel like a large task, but with PUSHTech it is well within reach.

3 Important Reminders

  1. Everyone on your list is at home way more than they’ve ever been
  2. People are taking note and will remember how companies behave and handle the crisis
  3. Even the most avid travelers are balancing on a tightrope of wanting trips to look forward to and being terrified of what that’ll look like and when that could be.

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What this means for your brand’s e-mail marketing strategy

  1. Throw out traditional “best open times” and delivery practices
  2. Show up authentically and you’ll leave a lasting impression
  3. Don’t sell… not just yet. { But be ready to ! }

For the first time in our lifetime, we as individuals, family members, employees and employers are all wading through the uncertainty together…  An impactful opportunity to connect, empathize, and support each other as humans first.

Get noticed & press for giving back & helping your communities. Such as these guys!

Let people know what you are doing to support your teams and communities;

  • What measure are you taking to sanitize your physical locations? 
  • What have you done to support your teams despite closing your doors?
  • How are you using this obligatory pause to re-strategize?

Send emails to share best practices;

What is working for you guys? Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 11.03.33


A chat tool like slack?

Or email?

Prefer audio calls?

Virtual Coffee catch-ups?

Have a bit written by a colleague who lives alone in a tiny flat & another section written from the perspective of a parent who has a couple of kids at home.

Put your hands up and acknowledge none of us have any insight or easy answers.

Connect with people where they are.

However, this crisis is providing us with a unique opportunity to really focus on what our priorities are, and you as a human-focused organization want to better understand their priorities to better serve them.

Invite them to update their information about family, work, travel preferences etc.

Let them know you don’t want to flood their inbox with unimportant media and ask them to update their preferences (letting them know how & what you are planning to share e.g.  best practices and tips)

Be human and speak to clients simply as humans, with familiarity.  

As always, a key component of success during your Co-VID 19 communication plan is, of course, sticking to PUSHTech’s Best Practice Recommendations.  

Reach out with any questions @ 

As an added bonus, since many of you are operating without your full team here are a few additional resources that may help!

1  Looking for inspiration or examples? 

Check out Really Good Emails 

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Use the search feature, click on any example to & see more data ↑ on specific campaigns.

2  Check out free high-quality images @Pexels.UnsplashPixabay (one of our favorites you can easily use in our Template Builder)

Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 10.50.29

3 Test where your email will land:


You’ve got this! & we at PUSHTech are here to help. 

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