Duplicating a campaign

After creating and sending your campaign, you have the option to duplicate it and send it again!

1 – Duplicating a campaign

To duplicate a campaign, from the main navigation menu select “Campaigns” and go to “Campaigns overview”:

Campaigns overview

Campaigns overview

‘Campaigns overview’ shows you the history of all campaigns that you have sent. Please select the campaign you intend to duplicate.



To start the duplication process select the ‘Duplicate campaign’ button on the right.


Duplicate campaign

When clicking it, it will open a new page. There you’ll have to write the name of your new campaign. After choosing a name click ‘Duplicate campaign’.


Duplicate campaign

You can see in the drafts list that the campaign has been duplicated and is ready to be sent.


Campaign cloned

Now you just need to click the name of the campaign:


Name of campaign

Check that everything is correct (if you want you can edit any element with the help of the ‘Edit’ button on the left):


Duplicated campaign

And finally, you need to click in “Start campaign” button (at the bottom of page):

Start duplicated campaign

Start duplicated campaign