Creating a SMS message

1.- Creating a SMS message

When you are creating the campaign and you come to the part of SMS message, you can see this window:


SMS message section

As we go writing, we see how customers will see their smarthphones on the screen on the left.

First of all, you need write a «Sender description». You have to write the name of your company (or company that is offeringr).


Sender description


How to will see it the client

Then you have to write the message body in the section of «write your message here«.


Write message

At the bottom you have available to add tags. These tags allow you to put the customer name, last name, email, etc. And every customer will see as their own.


How to will see it the client

In the last field you can write link. Our clients can select it automatically and visit it with just a click.




How to will see it definetly the client.

Finally, you can click in the button of the bottom of page and we send you a preview.


Final overview