Buying credit

Once you’re registered you can buy credit to send campaigns.

1 – How to buy credit?

If you want to purchase credit, you have three options to buy it.

1.1.1 – First choice.

You can go to the navigation bar at the top-right of the page and select Buy credit.


Navigation bar – Buy Credit

1.1.2 – Second choice.

Or go to the menu on the left of the page and click on the picture that says Buy credit.


Left menu – Buy credit

1.1.3 – Third choice.

Select Current balance in the middle of the homepage and click on  Add budget.


Current balance – Buy credit


1.2 – Homepage «Buy credit»

When you have selected any of the above, you will be redirected to a page that will look similar to:


Homepage – Buy credit

1.2.1 – Your amount.

You can select one of four options of the available amount.


Your amount – Buy credit

1.2.2 – Volume discount.

If you want to recharge over 500 you will need to contact us via our email or call us directly.


Volume discount – Buy credit

1.2.3 – Total cost.

In this section you will see the price for the chosen option in detail.


Total cost – Buy credit

– The first value, «Amount» is the core value you have chosen (in this case we have chosen 50€).

– The second value is a «Value Added Tax». It is a set Spanish tax of 21% of the total product (or service) price.

– The third value is the total price to pay.

1.2.4 – Your estimation.

Your estimation – Buy credit

In this section you can see all the options your new credit gives you, mutually exclusive (only one option can be chosen).

In our case we can send one of the following options:

– 965 SMS a 0.0518€ /unit

– 5000 Push messages to 0.01€ /unit

– 5000 Emails to 0.01€ /unit

1.2.5 – The last step

Finally after choosing the amount of credit you want, please select  Pay with card at the bottom of the page to start with the payment process.

Selección_019After selecting the ‘Pay with card‘ button this window will appear:

You need to fill in the fields with your card information and you will have the balance available in your account!